Subaru WRX TD04 Upgrade

This is an upgrade for a Subaru WRX MHI TD04 Turbo

We take a standard Subaru TD04L 13T turbo and upgrade the 13T to a TD04L 19T. The WRX 13T comes with an L shaft. We also offer upgraded Turbine shafts (TD04H and TD04HL).  The larger turbine shafts will hold peak boost to a higher rpm.

The 19T wheel is roughly 5.5mm bigger then the 13T wheel. There is about a 100CFM @ 2PR increase after machining the WRX 13T to a 19T. More airflow of course equals more power which is what we are all after!

 Along with the conversion this upgrade includes a rebuild with the following:

-High speed balancing ensures proper balance and long turbo life
-All turbos are completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and powder-coated.

-All Upgrades and Rebuilds include new:
-Journal Bearings
-Retaining Rings for Journal Bearing
-Thrust Spacer
-360 Thrust Bearing
-Thrust Collars
-Piston ring for Turbine End
-Piston Ring for Compressor End
-O-Ring for Bearing Housing to Compressor Housing
-O-Ring for Seal Plate
-Nut for Turbine Shaft
-Seal Plate


Subaru WRX TD04 Upgrade

Price: $600.00
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