MHI TD04 Upgrade to 15G
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This is for one turbo upgrade


TD04 Upgrade to 15G

Our 15G upgrade is for those people who want to bolt on some real power to play with! The TD04-15G upgrade retains the stock housing but is machined out for the big 15G wheel. These turbos are capable of making 425-475 awhp with the correct supporting mods on a 3000GT or Stealth! These turbos come with the standard TD04 Turbine shaft but are available with the TD04L, TD04H, and TD04HL turbine shaft upgrade for an additional charge. The larger turbine shaft allows the 15G's to hold peak boost at a higher rpm then the standard shaft does. Typically going from a TD04 turbine shaft to an HL turbine shaft nets an additional 30-40 whp and 40-50 wtq.

All of our Turbo Upgrades include the following:

-High speed balancing ensures proper balance and long turbo life
-All turbos are completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and powder-coated.

-Rebuild and upgrades include new:
-Journal Bearings
-Retaining Rings for Journal Bearing
-Thrust Spacer
-360 Thrust Bearing
-Thrust Collars
-Piston ring for Turbine End
-Piston Ring for Compressor End
-O-Ring for Bearing Housing to Compressor Housing
-O-Ring for Seal Plate
-Nut for Turbine Shaft
-Seal Plate

This is for one turbo upgrade


You need to send in your turbo(s) for the upgrade

  • Item #: TD04 Upgrade to 15G

MHI TD04 Upgrade to 15G

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