Garrett VNT15-25 Turbo Rebuild
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Garrett VNT15-25 Turbo Rebuild

All standard rebuilds include the following: a complete disassembly and inspection of all parts, thorough cleaning of all parts, a complete rebuild kit which includes new thrust parts (depending on application), high speed balancing, and coating for CHRA and turbine housing. Unlike many companies, we do not use 270° thrust bearings unless they are the only one offered for that particular model. In almost every application we only use 360° thrust bearing which will help the turbo last longer.


-High speed balancing ensures proper balance and long turbo life
-All turbos are completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and powder-coated.

-Rebuild includes new:
-Journal Bearing
-Thrust Bearing
-Piston Rings
-Thrust Collar
-Thrust Spacer
-Thrust Flinger
-Spiral spring (for journal bearing)
-Screws for seal plate
-Shaft nut
-Anti-Rotation Pin
-Bolts for Turbine Housing
-Clamp Washer for Turbine


You must send in your old turbo to have it rebuilt as we do not have a stock of these turbos generally.

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Garrett VNT15-25 Turbo Rebuild

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